2017 Holiday Haunted Pub Tour dates announced!

Our 2017 Holiday Haunted Pub Tour with tour guide, Cliff Long, will be held on the following dates:

Sat. December 9th
Sat. December 16th
Sat December 23rd.

All tour times are at 7pm. Order tickets here!

October 2017 Fells Point Haunted Pub Tours

We are thrilled to announce that we are running the Original Fells Point Haunted Pub Crawl every night in October through October 30th! This is a great group activity, and the pubs aren’t as crowded on week nights as they are on the weekends. Grab a group of friends or co-workers and come out!


New: The Tales of Piracy Pub Tour: April 1, 2017!

Pirates, Peg Legs and Plenty of Beer: The Tales of Piracy Pub Tour: Fells Point, Baltimore, History Pub Crawl

To order by phone call: (877) 293-1571

Join Captain Flint (tour guide Cliff Long) during Privateer Days in Fells Point for a rollicking raid on four taverns as we plumb the depths of numerous pints and explore a treasure chest full of stories and tales both true and legendary focusing on that immortal group of scaliwags, scoundrels, and freebooters known as The Bretheren of the Coast!  Pirates!  Discover the origin of the first Jolly Roger, learn of the exploits of Henry Every, known as “the pirate who got away,” be amazed at the grit and backbone shown by Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two of the most famous female pirates of all time, and shed a tear at the true story of Black Sam Bellamy and the wreck of the Whydah, his lost love, her doomed crew, a ghostly vision, and the recovery of her treasure in the 20th century; a treasure worth millions.  Need more?  Not to worry; we’ll be “yarnin’ through the spars” all evenin.’ Have a hankerin’ to sign on?  Do it now!  Guaranteed, this tour ain’t no common “bilge and blather”!  There’s limited berths on this voyage, and the early bird gets the worm, so see you on April 1st, and don’t forget t’ don yer pirate gear!  Aargh!!

Please note that this is not a haunted tour. It is a history tour.

Duration 2.5 hours
Price: $20/pp, 21 and over only.
Saturday April 1st from 7:30-10:00pm
Tour departure point: Sidewalk outside Max’s sidebar, 731 S. Broadway in Fells Point.
Walking directions to tour departure point from Inner Harbor

Fells Point Wicked History Pub Tours are running all Winter!

Fells Point Wicked History Pub Tour

Duration 2.5 hours
Price: $20/pp, 21 and over only.
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:00pm

Join our sister company, Baltimore Wicked History Tours, as we take you on back to when Fells Point was a colorful, dangerous place to visit, crawling with sailors, privateers, ladies of the night, and immigrants looking for a better life. Tempers ran hot with people who had nothing to lose and those looking to exploit them.  But Fells Point had its bright spots with luminaries like Billie Holiday and Edgar Allan Poe roaming these historic streets. Come take our Fells Point history pub tour and crawl and experience Baltimore’s scandalous history! This is a Baltimore history tour like no other. Some might call it wicked.

New for Fall 2016- The Mt Vernon Haunted Pub Tour!

We are launching a new tour for Fall 2016- the Mt Vernon Haunted Pub Crawl.  Opening night is Friday, Sept. 30th and all profits from that tour will be donated to The Book Thing of Baltimore, which is still rebuilding from a fire that they suffered earlier this year.

Dates: Fridays and Saturdays in November, 2016.

Buy tickets here!

We have been awarded the 2016 Tripadvisor Award of Excellence!

Thank you to all of our awesome tour guides who work to make the tour so much fun for our guests! You can read our Tripadvisor reviews here.


Book Thing Benefit Ghost Tour on 7/30/16!

As many of you know, The Book Thing (http://www.bookthing.org/) in Baltimore city suffered a devastating fire on Wednesday March 2nd, 2016, and has not yet reopened. Please join us on a tour in Baltimore’s Mt Vernon neighborhood (normally only available in October) to raise money to rebuild The Book Thing! All proceeds from this tour will go directly to The Book Thing.

Please see our Facebook event page for more information!