Things to Do in Fells Point Baltimore

The waterfront neighborhood of Fells Point is one of Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods- and one of the main areas not destroyed by the Great Fire in 1904. As a result, many of the buildings date from the 1700’s and 1800’s. The history and charm of this National Historic District can not be overstated. It’s well worth a visit any time that you are in Baltimore! Here’s a handy list of things to do in Fells Point when you are in the area.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining along Thames St, Fells Point Baltimore

In 2023, Baltimore made outdoor dining a permanent feature of Fells Point. Many bars and restaurants have created “parklets” full of plants in Instagram worthy settings. Here are a few favorites:

  1. Duda’s Tavern
    1600 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 276-9719
    Duda’s has been a family owned and operated business for over 50 years. They are known as a neighborhood locals bar, and their crab cake is amazing.
  2. Kooper’s Tavern
    1702 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph:(410) 563-5423
    Named for the owner’s dog (sadly deceased now) Kooper’s is known for its vast array of burgers.
  3. Abbey Burger Bistro
    811 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 522-1428
    Another Fells Point staple known for its burgers, including shrimp and bison burgers.
  4. Nanami Cafe
    907 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 327-9400
    Situated right on the Anne St Pier, Nanami offers excellent sushi and waterfront views.
  5. Thames St Oyster House
    1728 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (443) 449-7726
    Some of the best seafood in Baltimore city. Reservations are a must- it can get quite busy.
  6. Peters Inn
    504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 675-7313 (don’t call for reservations)
    Reservations by email only:
    Fells Point’s former best kept secret- now everyone knows about this restaurant! Great food served in an eclectic atmosphere. Reservations are a must, and they are accepted via email only.


You won’t be disappointed by the many independently owned small shops in Fells Point. Shop small, shop local!

  1. Sound Garden
    1616 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 563-9011
    With lines that snake down the sidewalk on Record Store Day, Soundgarden is the place to go to browse a vast array of vinyl and CDs.
  2. Su Casa
    901 S Bond St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 522-7010
    Su Casa has everything you need to outfit your home in a unique way.
  3. Zelda Zen
    1634 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 625-2424
    Clothing, jewelry, and gifts in a charming setting.
  4. Greedy Reads
    1744 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 276-6222
    A locally owned independent bookstore. They sponser a lot of events and book signings so make sure to check their web site to see if anything is going on.
  5. The Spice and Tea Exchange
    1635 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 274-0762
    This shop opened in 2023 and offers spices, loose-leaf teas, and gifts.
  6. The Seasoned Olive
    805 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 868-6457
    Adventurous cooks will delight in the selection of gourmet foods and olive oils in this shop.

Bar Hopping

Fells Point has the greatest concentration of bars and restaurants in Baltimore City. You’ll never have to wander far to find a place to imbibe.

  1. Bertha’s Tavern
    734 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 327-5795
    Home of the famous “Eat Bertha’s Mussel’s” bumper sticker, Bertha’s serves (you guessed it) mussels, as well as a wide variety of other munchies.
  2. Max’s Taphouse
    733 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 675-6297
    One of the best beer bars in the world, Max’s has been family owned and operated since 1986. They have 108 draft beers and 4 hand cask lines, as well as over 1600 varieties of bottled beer.
  3. The Horse You Came in On Saloon
    1626 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 327-8111
    The oldest bar in continuous operation in the US, The Horse is a great place to take a load off and sip a brew.
  4. Rye
    1639 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (667) 205-1096
    Home to some of the most innovative cocktails in baltimore city, Rye is the place to go when you want something besides beer. Housed in the former Leadbetter’s building, for those of you who remember Fells Point bar history.
  5. Duda’s Tavern
    1600 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 276-9719
    hang with the locals as you sip a beer at Duda’s.
  6. Cat’s Eye Pub
    1730 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 276-9866
    Once a biker bar, Cat’s Eye is now known as one of the best places to see live music in the city. They have bands every night.

Live Music

The concentration of bars in Fells Point means that there is a great concentration of live music too! Here are some favorites:

  1. Bertha’s Tavern
    734 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 327-5795
  2. Cat’s Eye Pub
    1730 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 276-9866
  3. The Horse You Came in On
    1626 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 327-8111
  4. The Admiral’s Cup
    1647 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 534-5555
  5. Keystone Korner Baltimore
    1350 Lancaster St, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 946-6726
    Baltimore’s premier Jazz bar. Reservations recommended!

Baltimore Ghost Tours

Tours depart from the Fells Point Square, near Max’s Taphouse (map showing exact location)
Tickets by phone: (877) 293-1571
Tickets online:
Baltimore Ghost Tours has been delighting locals and visitors alike for over 20 years of haunted history tours. With over 400 Tripadisor reviews, Baltimore Ghost Tours is Baltimore’s top haunted attraction. Choose from an all ages, dog friendly walking ghost tour, or a 21 and over haunted pub tour. Tours run Friday and Saturday nights only, March- November. Discounted group tours are available any night of the week- perfect for corporate team building, your best friend’s bachelorette party, your mom’s 60th birthday, your family reunion, your student group, or any other reason you want to gather some friends and have a great time!

  1. The Original Fells Point Ghost Walk– Family and dog friendly haunted history tour. Lasts 1-1.5 hours depending on the tour guide. Completely outdoor tour.
  2. The Original Fells Point Haunted Pub Tour– 21 and over only. Lasts 2-2.5 hours, depending on the tour guide. This tour goes inside some haunted pubs where guests may choose to get a drink.

Visit Billie Holiday’s childhood home: The Billie Holiday Project

217 S Durham St, Baltimore MD
The Billie Holiday Project is a neighborhood improvement effort on the 200 block of South Durham Street in Upper Fells Point. The are murals and a plaque on the house where she lived at 217 S. Durham St. Bring your camera for some great photo ops!

Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park

1417 Thames Street Baltimore, MD 21231
Ph: 410-685-0295
Web site:
The Frederick Douglass- Isaac Myers Maritime Park is a Living Classrooms Foundation campus (and headquarters) and national heritage site that celebrates the contributions of African Americans in the development of Baltimore’s maritime industry. The site honors and interprets the city’s African- American maritime history, while preserving one of the city’s oldest existing waterfront industrial buildings.

Urban Pirates

The Pirate Ship departs from the Ann St Pier in Fells Point
Tickets by phone: 410-327-8378
Tickets online: Urban Pirates
Learn to talk, dance, and play games like a pirate, blast enemies with water cannons and navigate treacherous waters to discover vast treasures.

Get a New Tattoo

Fells Point has a couple of great tattoo shops, inlcuding a museum that explores the history and artifacts of modern electric tattooing.

  1. Baltimore Tattoo Museum.
    1534 Eastern Ave Baltimore MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 522-5800
    Since 1999 The Baltimore Tattoo museum has served as an archive of tattoo information as well as a place to get a new tattoo
  2. Saints and Sinners
    1610 Thames St. Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: 410-276-1300
    Opened in 2002

Wellness and Beauty

Take a break from all that walking around with a healing treatment at one of these Fells Point spas.

  1. The Healing Path.
    1819 Thames Street Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: 410-637-3760
    Offers massage, reflexology, skin care, and more.
  2. Alpha Studio
    817 S Bond St Baltimore, MD 21231
    Ph: (410) 327-1300
    Eco conscious hair salon.

Top 5 Haunted Places in Baltimore 2023 | Baltimore Ghost Tours

  1. Fells Point

    Fells Point was not destroyed in the Great Fire of Baltimore in 1904. As a result, many buildings from the 1700’s are still standing, and their ghosts are still haunting. Fells Point was a shipbuilding neighborhood in the 1700’s, and home to Baltimore’s waterfront red light district from the 1800’s through well into the 1900’s and most of the ghosts here are related to what we call “The Three B’s”: bars, brothels, and boarding houses. From the ghosts of gentlemen dressed in Revolutionary war era garb, to the bar that affectionately calls its resident ghost “Edgar”, there are too many haunted buildings close together to mention here. We suggest you go on our haunted walking tour, The Original Fells Point Ghost Walk to hear about all of the ghosts in this historic Baltimore maritime neighborhood.

  2. The Garrett Jacobs Mansion (excerpt from our book, Baltimore’s Harbor Haunts: True Ghost Stories. Copyright 2005, Schiffer Publishing)

    Mrs. Robert Garrett Jacobs was a well known Gilded Age socialite living in Baltimore’s Mt Vernon neighborhood. In the late 1800’s she completed renovation of several properties which were combined to create the Garrett Jacobs Mansion, which houses the present day Engineer’s Club. Mrs. Garrett Jacobs was known citywide for her amazing parties- she was one of the leading hostesses in Baltimore and an invitation to her mansion was coveted among Baltimore’s privileged class. Imagine the private dining room filled with a few friends and family of Mrs. Jacobs. Imagine guests dining amid the sparkling crystal and fine china that Mrs. Jacobs most certainly had. One employee of the Engineering Society of Baltimore, not only imagined such a scene, he saw it with his own eyes! This employee who worked in the mansion several years ago was walking through the private dining room one evening. When he got halfway across the room he saw a large party of people seated at the table, glasses raised as if in a toast. Slowly the group of people faded before his eyes. The building has experienced many such strange occurrences- read more about them in our book.

  3. The Lord Baltimore Hotel (excerpt from our book, Baltimore’s Harbor Haunts: True Ghost Stories. Copyright 2005, Schiffer Publishing)

    The Lord Baltimore Hotel consistently appears on yearly lists of America’s most haunted hotels. The little girl who haunts the building is one reason. In 1998 a female staff worker was on the 19th floor of the building preparing a small meeting room for future use. She was working at a table facing the wall with an open door to her left. She bent over the table for a few moments, absorbed in her work. Then she looked up and to her left at the doorway. A little girl wearing a long cream colored dress and black shiny shoes ran by the open doorway, bouncing a red ball before her. Fran immediately ran outside calling after her “Little girl, are you lost?”. The hallway was completely empty. This employee, quite shaken at this point, turned around to go back to the meeting room when she saw two people walking down the hallway toward her. The first was an older gentleman dressed in formal attire. He was accompanied by a woman in a long ball gown. Frank asked them if they were looking for their granddaughter because she had just run by. She turned to point in the direction that the child had passed. When she turned her head back toward the two people, they had just vanished right before her eyes.

  4. The Med Chi Building in Mt Vernon (from our interview with Med Chi staff)

    Marcia Noyes (1869-1946) was the medical librarian at the Medical and Chirurgical Society of Maryland. She was known as a founding figure in the vocation of medical librarianship. She also lived in an apartment at the top of the building for many years. Ms. Noyes never married- she was married to her work. She loved the library that she created so much that many believe that she has never left. Staff have seen her roaming darkened rooms. She vanishes the moment she is spotted. Her footsteps echo among the stacks when staff are alone in the building. Read more about the Med Chi building haunting here.

  5. Fort McHenry (excerpt from our book, Baltimore’s Harbor Haunts: True Ghost Stories. Copyright 2005, Schiffer Publishing)

    Fort McHenry is home to many unexplained sightings. During the Battle of Baltimore in 1814 Lieutenant Levi Clagett was manning his post on Bastion Three at the fort. The British launched a bomb from a warship that scored a direct hit on Clagett’s bastion. He and another soldier were killed instantly. Some theorists speculate that when a person is killed suddenly sometimes the confused spirit does not know that it is dead. Perhaps this is one reason why Levi Clagett has remained at the fort. Guests have repeatedly reported spotting a man dressed in 1800’s style garb patrolling the area adjacent to the Third Bastion. Often these guests have assumed that a historical reenactment is taking place, only to be informed later that this is not the case. Read more about Ft McHenry’s hauntings in our book.

2023 Baltimore Group Events Planning Guide: Fells Point

2023 Baltimore Group Events Planning Guide: Fells Point: Adult Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Events, and Group Activities in Baltimore

Plan 2018 Baltimore Group events in Baltimore's Fells Point

Plan 2018 Baltimore Group events in Baltimore’s Fells Point

Turning 21, or hosting a corporate event or bachelorette party in Baltimore? Fells Point, a historic maritime village located along the Baltimore harbor, is the perfect place for 2023 Baltimore group events! From 5-star hotels to bars with nightly live music, Fells Point has it all, in a charming neighborhood setting. If you are planning a party or group activity in Baltimore’s Fells Point, look no further than this guide for event, hotel, and restaurant ideas. Get more ideas on what to do on the Kayak Baltimore Travel Guide.

Accommodation in/near Fells Point

Transportation to/from Fells Point

Baltimore Group Activities and Baltimore Group Events

  • Original Fells Point Haunted Pub Walk. Step through the doors of some of Fell’s Point’s most haunted pubs for a fascinating haunted pub crawl tour of this historic maritime neighborhood. Ages 21 and over only, lasts approximately 2 hours and visits 3-4 pubs during that time. During this event, guests can choose to buy a drink at each stop. Pricing: $20/pp for groups of 15 or more, or a flat fee of $300 if less than 15 people. There is no maximum- we break large groups up into groups of 20, each with their own tour guide. More group tour information is here.
  • Original Fells Point Ghost Walk. This tour is similar to the Original Fells Point Haunted Pub Walk, but there are more stops and it does not go inside pubs. This is an all ages tour and lasts 1-1.5 hours, depending on the tour guide. More group activity information is here.
  • Urban Pirates: Urban Pirates’ boats can hold up to 49 people and are available for private charter. You can bring your own grog on these cruises! Group discounts are also available for groups of 25 or more. More group event information is here.
  • Mustang Alley’s: Mustang Alley’s is an upscale bowling alley with 12 lanes, a chef inspired menu, and a full service bar. It is within walking distance to Fells Point. Event space available for parties of 24-250 people. More group event information is here.
  • Douglass-Myers Maritime Park: This museum is a national heritage site that honors the role of African Americans in Baltimore’s maritime history. The venue has spectacular views and has space available to rent for an upscale group event. More group event information is here.
  • Urban Axes Throw axes at wooden targets! This experience is for groups of four or more and comes complete with an instructor and scorekeeper to guide your way.

Fells Point Restaurants and Bars for Groups

There are many options for dining in Fells Point. Some have designated spaces that they rent for 2022 Baltimore group events including:

  • Bertha’s: Bertha’s is world famous for their mussels. We heard it was closing soon and being sold to new owners. As of Feb 2023, this hasn’t happened yet. Go while you still can!
  • The Horse You Came in On: The Horse is the oldest bar in continuous operation as a bar in Baltimore city. They also have a private room that is available to rent to groups. Contact them for more information by calling 410-327-8111 or filling out their online form here.
  • Max’s Taphouse: Max’s is one of the best beer bars in the world. Boasting a stock of over 1,000 bottles, 102 taps, and 5 casks. They have an upstairs bar that is available for groups. Contact information is here.
  • Barcocina: Private Party Room for up to 135 people available. Complete group information including menus and open bar options here:
  • Waterfront Hotel: Casual and lively bar with live music. Private parties and catering available:
  • Red Star Bar and Grill: Tucked away on Wolfe Street, the Red Star has an open and warm feel. Private parties for up to 200 people.

Fells Point Shopping: 10 Unique Gifts

Fells Point Shopping: 10 Unique Fell’s Point Gifts

Along with the bars and restaurants, Fell’s Point has great shopping. Come a couple of hours early before your ghost tour or haunted pub crawl to stock up on some items that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of our favorite places to treat yourself or find a unique gift.

  • Shopping in Fells Point: Thames St.

    Max’s Taphose: T-shirts There are many reasons to visit Max’s – their beer selection, Belgian beer weekends, but we also like them for their clever t-shirts. “In Dog Beers, I’ve Only Had One.” Classic.

  • Poppy & Stella: Boots. When you’re looking for the perfect knee high boots for your fall uniform of sweater, jeans, tall boots, no need to go further than the well curated selection at Poppy & Stella.
  • Ten Thousand Villages: Jewelry. Keep walking towards the water to pick up some jewelry for your fall uniform at Ten Thousand Villages. They have a sparkly assortment in the back corner.
  • Modern Cook Shop: Gourmet Fare. Be the best guest and bring a delectable gourmet treat from Modern Cook Shop.
  • Fell’s Point Surf Co.: Sunglasses. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you don’t need cute sunglasses. Find them at Fell’s Point Surf Co. in a range of prices.
  • aMuse: Games. Check out Klask, an air hockey type game from the pubs in Denmark that has been shrunk for your tabletop, at aMuse along with the creative baby and kid gifts.
  • Sound Garden: Socks. Come for the music, but stay for the socks! Sound Garden is known for its vinyl, CDs, DVDs and video games. They also have a wall of cute socks.
  • Su Casa: Kitchen Goods. Duck across the street for the cute tea strainers and kitchen items at Su Casa.
  • The Seasoned Olive: Olive Oil and Vinegar . Don’t miss the olive oil and balsamic vinegars at the well-named The Seasoned Olive.
  • Natty Boh Gear: Koozies. Giving cash for a wedding is expedient, but impersonal. Pick up some Boh and Utz wedding koozies at Natty Boh Gear.


10 Great Things to Eat and Drink in Fell’s Point This Fall

Best Fells Point Restaurants and Bars

One of the questions that we get asked the most often by guests on our tours is “What are the best Fells Point restaurants and bars? Where should we go to eat?” Fells Point has a slew of great bars and restaurants, but these are some of our personal favorites, and picks for what to choose.

Peters Inn- Best Fells Point Restaurants and Bars

  • Thames Street Oyster House. It’s always busy for a reason. Thames Street Oyster House has great fare, including our favorite, the lobster roll. You will need a reservation on weekend nights.
  • Peters Inn. We dream of Peter’s Inn green salad and garlic bread.
  • Ekiben. Limited menu, but everything on it is solid. The spicy neighborhood bird on a steamed bun is worth the trip.
  • Bertha’s. We’ll take a hot buttered rum drink from Bertha’s, thank you very much. They also have cask conditioned beer.
  • Tortilleria Sinaloa. Tortilleria Sinaloa’s warm stack of tortillas awaits on Eastern Avenue. Cheap, delicious and ready for carry out.
  • Duda’s Tavern. Their crab cake is a neighborhood mainstay.
  • Nanami Cafe. Nanami Café always has the tastiest sushi. Drop in during the week at lunchtime for their combination box.
  • The Horse You Came In On. Join the Jack Daniels club at The Horse You Came in On.
  • One Eyed Mike’s. Or the Grand Marnier Club at One Eyed Mike’s. Don’t miss their homemade chips.
  • Blue Moon Cafe. For the gooiest cinnamon bun in town, order the larger than your head, sugar loaded masterpiece at The Blue Moon.

10 Best Fall 2017 Baltimore Area Events

10 Best Fall 2017 Baltimore Area Events

Fall is our favorite time of year in Baltimore. Fall means colorful leaves, cooler temperatures, Free Fall Baltimore, and…. HALLOWEEN! We’ve been living in Baltimore forever- these are our 10 best Fall 2017 Baltimore area events .

H.T Darling’s Incredible Musaeum

  • Submersive Productions’ | H.T. Darling’s Incredible Musaeum. It’s hard to describe the experience of visiting H.T. Darling’s Incredible Musaeum. It’s part theater, part choose your own adventure, and part social commentary. Guests are part of the show and interact with the performers. Uncover the secrets of the planet New Galapagos.
  • Baltimore Beer Week. This craft beer festival takes place every fall with beer tastings and special events at venues throughout Baltimore. See their schedule for a full list of events. Also, make sure to hit Max’s on Broadway. It is the temple of all things beer in Baltimore!
  • Baltimore Ghost Tours and Baltimore Wicked History Tours. You didn’t think we’d leave this out, did you? Get into the Halloween spirit with a ghost tour or haunted pub crawl with Baltimore Ghost Tours. Ghosts not for you? Explore the seedier side of Baltimore history with a wicked history tour or pub crawl in Baltimore’s Fells Point or Mt Vernon neighborhoods.
  • Free Fall Baltimore. For even more activities, don’t forget about Free Fall Baltimore. Over 300 free events in Baltimore City –

2017 Fall Events That Are Great for Kids

  • Clark’s Elioak Farm. They have lots of great Fall events, appropriate for children of all ages. There is a pine tree maze that small children love, a pumpkin patch, and a petting zoo. Also visit the displays from The Enchanted Forest Amusement Park which was in Ellicot City from the 1950’s-1990’s.
  • Weber’s Farm. Weber’s Farm is a yearly family tradition for many citizens of Baltimore. Visit this farm in Parkville for children’s activities like a hay maze and a kid friendly haunted house. Also come for the tractor rides, pumpkins, food, and music.
  • Creative Alliance Lantern Parade. Join in the fun, or watch the parade as the lanterns light up the night.

Edgar Allan Poe Related Events

10 Best Fall 2017 Baltimore Area Events

Poe: 10 Best Fall 2017 Baltimore Area Events

  • Edgar Allan Poe House. Poe lived here as a young man for a couple of years around 1833 with his aunt and cousin, Virginia. Also, they have a nice collection of Poe artifacts and informed tour guides to show you around.
  • Westminster Cemetery Tours. First of all-Edgar Allan Poe is buried here! This is a beautiful old cemetery with some interesting catacombs located near Univ. of Maryland’s Baltimore Campus. The cemetery holds tours April-November, and always has special events around Halloween.
  • Charm City Clue Room’s Edgar Allan Poe Room. Many people know that Poe met his untimely demise in Baltimore. What if he left clues behind as to the cause of his death? Furthermore, what if those clues were in his abandoned study? You have one hour!

Fall 2018 Corporate Event Ideas in Baltimore

Our favorite time of year – Fall! We will be adding Fells Point Haunted Pub Crawls every night in October, and we are gearing up for the Fall 2018 ghost tour season. Haunted tours make great Fall group activities or corporate events for any Baltimore area company. Our tours are available year round as well. Book Now or email us at to book your corporate event or group activity!

Ghost Tours and Haunted Pub Tours in Baltimore

Corprate events and group activities in Baltimore, MDOur walking ghost tours are all ages tours- perfect for corporate events including children, or anyone who does not want to visit pubs. The Original Fells Point Ghost Walk and the Mt Vernon Ghost Walk each last approximately 1-1.5 hours. Our Fells Point Haunted Pub Crawl Tour and Mt Vernon Haunted Pub Crawl are for ages 21 and over. Two hour pub crawls visit some of Baltimore’s most colorful and lively taverns- which also happen to be haunted!

Group Activities and Corporate Events in Baltimore

We are taking reservations now for group activities and corporate events in October 2017. Guests can either buy tickets directly from our web site, or book a private group event. Pricing for private group events:

  • All ages walking tours: $10/pp for groups of 20 or more. If you have less than 20 people, there is a flat fee of $200 to book a tour.
  • Haunted Pub Tours are $20/pp for groups of 15 or more. Groups of less than 15 people are charged a flat fee of $300.

For more information about planning a group activity or corporate event in Baltimore, our convention and visitor center staff at Visit Baltimore are happy to help groups with hotel reservations, transportation and dining recommendations. Please see their web site for more information!

New: The Tales of Piracy Pub Tour: April 1, 2017!

Pirates, Peg Legs and Plenty of Beer: The Tales of Piracy Pub Tour: Fells Point, Baltimore, History Pub Crawl

To order by phone call: (877) 293-1571

Join Captain Flint (tour guide Cliff Long) during Privateer Days in Fells Point for a rollicking raid on four taverns as we plumb the depths of numerous pints and explore a treasure chest full of stories and tales both true and legendary focusing on that immortal group of scaliwags, scoundrels, and freebooters known as The Bretheren of the Coast! Pirates! Discover the origin of the first Jolly Roger, learn of the exploits of Henry Every, known as “the pirate who got away,” be amazed at the grit and backbone shown by Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two of the most famous female pirates of all time, and shed a tear at the true story of Black Sam Bellamy and the wreck of the Whydah, his lost love, her doomed crew, a ghostly vision, and the recovery of her treasure in the 20th century; a treasure worth millions. Need more? Not to worry; we’ll be “yarnin’ through the spars” all evenin.’ Have a hankerin’ to sign on? Do it now! Guaranteed, this tour ain’t no common “bilge and blather”! There’s limited berths on this voyage, and the early bird gets the worm, so see you on April 1st, and don’t forget t’ don yer pirate gear! Aargh!!

Please note that this is not a haunted tour. It is a history tour.

Duration 2.5 hours
Price: $20/pp, 21 and over only.
Saturday April 1st from 7:30-10:00pm
Tour departure point: Sidewalk outside Max’s sidebar, 731 S. Broadway in Fells Point.
Walking directions to tour departure point from Inner Harbor

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